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Challenges Facing Overdraft Protection
Learn best practices to ensure your overdraft program is compliant and hear what the future may hold for overdraft protection. Overdraft protection programs remain an important source of non-interest revenue for financial institutions and a popular consumer product. But overdraf...
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UCC Article 9 Update
Get up-to-date on recent case law and legislative developments of Article 9 transactions. Significant revisions to Article 9 became effective in almost all of the states in 2013. This ondemand webinar will review those changes as well as significant recent decisions under Articl...
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Preparing Lending Schedules for Call Reporting
Learn how to navigate the complex accounting and reporting rules of lending schedules to ensure the accuracy of your call reports. Preparing accurate call reports is critical for maintaining credibility with banking regulators. The accounting and reporting rules applicable to th...
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The Volcker Rule: Ensure Your Bank is Compliant
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Forbearance Agreement Fundamentals
Guide your borrower through the default process. Determine which agreement is appropriate and learn key provisions to include in the agreement. In this current and prolonged economic downturn, there has been a significant increase in the number of borrowers that have defaulted u...
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Commercial Loan Documentation
Get valuable tips on navigating complex commercial loan documents and understand the key components of a credit agreement. As commercial loan documentation has become more complex and hundreds of pages long, many loan officers and counsel have found it difficult to adequately re...
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